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      Encourage creativity with art desks and craft supplies

      Children and adults will both enjoy having art desks to use for creative work and to hold their art supplies. By setting up an art desk with supplies, it teaches a child about the benefits of being organized, and it provides them with a special place to work on art projects. The kids can keep paper, painting supplies and craft kits in one place, which helps reduce clutter in a room while allowing them to focus on the project at hand rather than wondering where their markers or crayons are located. Our Step 2 Art Master Activity Desk is a good example of an all-inclusive art desk for children. It is made from easy-to-clean molded plastic, has a chair and the desk contains special shelving and pockets to hold art books and papers, markers, paste, paints and other art supplies. In addition to a wide choice of art paints and supplies, we have a full range of regular painting supplies and accessories for general painting around the home or business.

      Our toy craft kits are more than just a fun pastime for children. By using step-by-step craft kits, children are learning how to process information and follow directions. The end result is a unique toy or craft that they have created by hand, always a satisfying achievement. Our inventory includes toy craft kits complete with all they need to make needle crafts, pottery, beadwork projects, framed pictures and scrapbooks. We carry a full line of craft supplies, like craft feathers, glue guns, stickers and drawing and coloring kits to perk up their creative art instincts. When they have the supplies needed to complete a craft, the kids will learn skills that enhance academic skills as well. We have toy craft kits for children of all ages, including adults who still enjoy artistic pursuits.

      Another popular craft enjoyed by all ages is scrapbooking. This is a pleasant way to gather treasures into one keepsake book for personal enjoyment or to pass along to future generations. Start with a basic scrapbook and fill its pages with mementos and small treasures in an organized manner. This helps preserve those precious memories and provides a safe place to store them as well. We have a broad supply of toy scrapbooking kits and supplies, such as inks, stamps, foam shapes, stickers and other embellishments you can add to your recorded history in the scrapbook. We also have storage cabinets that can hold papers and other supplies ready for use when you do your scrapbooking craft. If you need an album to begin with, we have those and fancy papers, glue and inkpads to use to dress up your album. Scrapbooking is a relaxing hobby that is also fun to share with friends or family.

      Sears has lots of ideas for creative arts and crafts. Children and adults can get creatively wild with our arts and crafts kits and supplies. Fill up their art desk with papers, paints, markers and glue and watch them have fun being creative. Have your supplies delivered or come to any Sears to pick up your orders; the family will love having arts and crafts to play with and share.


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