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      Encourage your child's creativity with toy scrapbooking kits

      Craft projects such as scrapbooking are great ways to engage your kids in creative activities. The more artistic playtime children get, the more their imaginations grow. When your kids can think creatively, they'll be better able to solve problems in school, jobs and the rest of life. Getting them started with their first projects is easy with the selection of craft supplies available at Sears.

      Modeling clay, Play-Doh and Crayola's unique Model Magic are just a few of the pottery toys that kids can really get their hands into. Play-Doh is especially well known for their innovative kits that allow kids to make pretend food, play dentist, style silly clay "hair" and more. Packs of multi-color clay are a more free-form way for children to create imaginative models. For kids who really love working with their hands, you can get large tubs of clay and other modeling compounds in a variety of colors. Making models gives kids hours of fun and helps younger children build the fine motor skills they need as they grow. Older kids enjoy watching the products of their imaginations take shape while improving their artistic skills.

      Aspiring artists need a place to work, which is where kids easels come in handy. Not only can your kids keep their paints, paper and other art supplies all in one place, but you also get the peace of mind of knowing that these kid-friendly setups keep potential messes off the carpet. Easels come in many designs, the most common being plastic or wooden A-frames that are easy to set up and move around when need be. Most models have a chalk board on one side and a place for paper on the other, offering more than one fun way to express creativity. Child-size easels are also portable, meaning that you can take one along to occupy the kids the next time you visit friends or relatives. Art desks are a bit more solid and can be placed in the play room, living room or wherever your child prefers to work.

      Toy craft kits give kids everything they need to work on a specific craft. Popular brands such as Melissa & Doug and Klutz offer a wide variety of kits for kids of all ages. These kits make great gifts since you can choose the type of craft based on a child's interests. Stamps and stickers are perfect for kids who want to add something special to their drawings. Beads and friendship bracelets are popular among school-aged kids while pre-teens and teens may enjoy learning a needlecraft such as knitting.

      Nurturing imagination at a young age gives your kids important tools that they'll use throughout the rest of their lives. Whether it's putting together a scrapbook of special memories or painting a watercolor masterpiece on their very own easel, crafts provide hours of instructive entertainment. Shop Sears for a huge collection of craft supplies and kits that your kids will love.


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