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      Delight children and collectors with fashion dolls

      Collecting fashion dolls is a passion for some people. Sears has a big selection of collectible dolls, including products from Barbie, Disney, Russian Entertainment and many others. We also have newer favorites, like those from Monster High. Fashion dolls and Sears are a good match; shop online to order these collectibles and more.

      Barbie has been a popular toy for over 50 years. This particular doll has a huge personality, and she has been featured as a career girl in various industries, including medicine, teaching and TV. As a fashion icon, her two best selling models are the Holiday Barbie and Malibu Barbie. Fashion accessories are a must for these dolls, and we stock plenty of outfits, make-up, wigs and more for them. Sears also has a variety of collectible dolls from other popular brands. If you want Cabbage Patch Kids, Baby Alive, Disney Princesses or other baby dolls, we have hundreds for you and your child to love.

      Collecting dolls also means buying accessories like cars, playhouses and fashion sets. At Sears, we have hundreds of dolls with matching accessories. Some dolls are fashion stars; others are fantasy stars, like the new Monster High dolls. Characters in this new line have intriguing names like DracuLaura and Clawdeen Wolf. These dolls are supernatural teens that arrive with an appropriate outfit and stand. Realistic accessories help children to be quite creative when playing with collectible dolls. They will really enjoy interactive toy dolls, because they can walk, talk, repeat words and do other activities to interest children and adults.

      Collectible dolls tend to have many associated products you can also purchase. At Sears, we carry many games and dolls that match, such as the Star Wars Mighty Beanz collection that is dedicated to some of the characters in the movie. Creative children like to play with their dolls everywhere, and they often pretend dolls are friends. Kids set up the dolls around the room for a tea party, or they try to include dolls in other activities, such as when they are playing floor games. Even at a party, you can count on children always enjoying playtime favorites, like our fashion dolls and dollhouses.

      Dolls and games you find at Sears are very affordable; we keep our items low-priced to fit every budget. We stock hundreds of lovable fashion dolls, stuffed animals and interactive dolls for kids and adults. Check out our inventory online and get fast home delivery of your favorites.


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