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      Rag dolls from Sears make great childhood companions

      Children love snuggling up to plush toys. When they have soft toys or rag dolls to play and pretend with, they have a friend who's always ready for tea parties and sleepovers. Sears carries a wide variety of soft dolls for boys and girls. These toys fit into any time of day, whether it's playtime or bedtime.

      Classic rag dolls like Raggedy Ann are still around for a reason. Her friendly smile and iconic design make her an ideal childhood companion. At Sears, brands like Madame Alexander and Aurora offer Raggedy Ann or Andy, so your sweet girl or boy can have a friend who's ready for any adventure. Floppy bodies and limbs let kids put Ann or Andy in any position. Sit them at the table for a midday snack or stash them safely in a backpack. These dolls make a smart addition to baby gift bundles when you're looking for a way to welcome a new baby.

      Maybe you want a soft doll that doesn't necessarily cater to gender stereotypes. Plush toys in the form of Final Fantasy creatures are for fans of the game, whether they're boys or girls. These, as well as Spongebob Squarepants character dolls, are for kids of either gender who love television or game figures. Other rag doll toys suitable for any child include sock monkey versions in some of the coolest colors. MidwestCBK offers adorable plushies in monkey, hippo and frog form, so if animals are your child's passion, these make great gifts. Playing with dolls encourages a child's own creativity, but if you're looking for interactive toy dolls that engage with your child, you'll also find them at Sears.

      Playing with dolls teaches kids compassion and care, even if that doll is in the form of a friendly dinosaur. Kids love the brightly colored soft dolls from Ohio Art. Full of whimsy, these toys are often interactive, teaching kids about colors and shapes. They also come in the form of girls and boys, so girls can have a sweet baby to love while boys can have a buddy who travels with them wherever they go. Sears makes it easy to shop for toys by age, so whether you're looking for the latest Haba creation for a very young child or a Star Wars plush for fans of the film franchise, you'll find it here.

      Dolls are part of many kids' childhoods, so whether you're looking for a Raggedy Ann like the one you had as a child or a Raggedy Andy to make your little boy smile, Sears has exactly what you need. All kids can take comfort in having a soft doll by their sides when they're going someplace special or drifting off to sleep.


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