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Roll the dice with board games from Sears

Playing board games with your family is a great bonding experience. Choose a game that's age appropriate so that everyone is fully involved. Whether it's your weekly game night or an impromptu session, these games are a blast. Sears has a huge selection, choose from mystery games, crime games, traditional games like chess and backgammon, or action and adventure. Stack up so you have a variety of games to switch between.

Mystery games and crime games are a ton of fun for families because each person plays a certain character. The more people involved in the game, the more complicated it becomes because there's more people who could be the perpetrator. While word puzzles force us to use our creativity in a specific way, crime games allow us to imagine a world beyond ours. This type of game lets you play a variety of roles which helps children learn morals and other social skills. Sears has a huge selection of mystery and crime games for your family to choose from.

Place yourself in the role of an action hero in action and adventure themed games. Sail the high seas, hunt zombies or become your favorite character when you play games from Sears. Roll the dice and you're suddenly transported to a new land or on a new secret mission. Action games are a ton of fun for kids on play dates. Set them up in the basement with a game and they'll be having fun for hours. Action games are great to have in your board game collection.

Traditional games like Chinese checkers, checkers, chess and backgammon are board game classics. Some of these board games date back hundreds of years. These age-old games have stood the test of time and are still family classics today because they are fun, teach important lessons like logic and are built to last. Sears has the highest quality chess sets and other traditional games so that you can pass your board games down for generations to come.

No matter how old you are, board games are fun for everybody. Grab at least one other person and get ready for some fun. So make Sears part of your game night tradition and make some memories with our large selection of board games.


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