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      Roll the winning number with dice from Sears

      Dice are a game-playing staple. At Sears, you'll find standard six-sided, many polyhedral and even electronic die sets. Our diverse game collection also includes many dice-based games and board games that use dice. We cater to collectors and offer individual die and sets in a wide range of colors and shapes as well as unusual formats used in specialty games throughout the world. For sports collectors, check out our selection of fuzzy dice perfect for your rear view mirror. We have all the dice you need from extra game pieces to collectors sets.

      The most commonly used sets are those used in the casino. These are used for games like craps. You'll also find family-friendly games, including Yahtzee and Boggle. Hasbro also makes electronic versions of those classic games. Opt for rechargeable batteries and a battery charger to ensure that you're never out of juice on game night. Other popular games include backgammon and role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. Sears also has non-traditional sets for games like poker dice, which have playing card faces rather than pips.

      Our game collection also has a wide selection of computerized dice games. Many of these games require AA or AAA general purpose batteries to operate. Sears sells these batteries in bulk and in rechargeable formats. The game industry now offers nearly all of its bestselling games in electronic versions, which are generally more convenient and better suited to children because they have fewer moving parts. Beyond the electronic component, however, the games are essentially the same.

      While a plush set is great as decorations, they aren't very useful for games. Sears has a number of convenient electronic dice machines that require batteries and are not tied to any specific game. The most basic of these devices simply simulate rolling six-sided set and can be used to stand in for traditional ones in any game that uses them. The most advanced electronic machines are programmable, which makes them suitable for role-playing games and tabletop war games. Some are even sophisticated enough to perform Monte Carlo simulations and connect to your computer so you can record your wins.

      Dice are among the most common gaming accessories, and it's a good idea to have spare sets in case of a gaming emergency. Sears has all the gaming accessories you need to make game night a success.


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