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      Build skills and have fun with floor games

      Encouraging play is one of the best things you can do for your child. In order to learn and grow, kids need to get away from the onslaught of modern technology and focus on using their imaginations. Sears stocks many fun floor games that kids can play alone or with a group. Get the family involved for interactive playtime that benefits everyone.

      The best way to bring the family together to play is to institute a family game night. Sharing family toys and games builds the bond between you and your children. Choosing games that focus on important skills such as reading, counting and memorization allows you to teach your kids skills to succeed as they progress through school. The relaxed setting of a game night makes learning easy and fun. There are many games that are appropriate for all ages, but if you are ready to introduce something a bit more challenging, team older kids up with their younger siblings to encourage teamwork. Try a few creative games like those available from Continuum Games for a night of unique entertainment that the whole family will enjoy.

      Kids often do not realize that the games they play teach them these important skills. As a parent, you can see the benefit of combining education with playtime. Large puzzles such as those from Ravensburger make great solo learning activities. Fitting puzzle pieces together takes concentration and improves your child's ability to recognize and work with patterns. Using the picture on the puzzle box as a reference shows them how to work toward a goal, an important skill that they will use right on into adult life. Popular party games like Twister teach cooperation and how to follow directions while encouraging good sportsmanship.

      Though games are highly beneficial, sometimes it's good for kids to play outside the confines of a set of rules. Pairing up colorful floor mats with animal dolls and accessories lays the groundwork for imaginative free-form play. Allowing your kids to be creative without boundaries opens up whole new worlds for their imaginations. As they invent games of their own with simple toys from the Original Toy Company and others, children improve their abilities to make decisions, work through problems and form complex ideas. Add responsibility to the list of things your child can learn from play by investing in a set of Young Time wooden cubbies or shelves. When playtime is over, take the opportunity to instill the importance of keeping personal spaces neat and tidy.

      Play is an essential part of childhood. Engage your child's imagination by offering fun learning experiences through floor games and other interactive toys. Shop Sears for a variety of great games to enrich your child's playtime and make your next game night a blast.


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