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Provide extra comfort with our baby mattresses

Baby mattresses have the right cushioning and support to help your bundle of joy sleep through the night. Sears has a great stock of mattresses for all crib sizes and from the leading brand providers. Many of our products use all-natural and even organic materials to keep your baby safe and healthy. The top items have industry certification that assures you of the highest standards for indoor environmental quality and safety. Many of our crib mattresses will also work for toddler beds, so you can get the most out of each product as your child grows.

The Baby Sumber two-in-one extra firm Soy Foam Core with Comfort Foam Crib Mattress from L.A. Baby is one of our most highly rated items in this category. The unisex mattress uses unique technology that provides extra support and cushioning. The soy foam padding and cotton support the baby's spine with Visco-elastic memory that conforms to body contours. Kolcraft Crib's Mattress Baby Starscape is an attractive item that provides excellent support. Hypoallergenic design provides a healthier environment, and the mattress features redundant waterproofing to protect against baby accidents and spills. The Kolcraft Baby Starscape comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty for materials and work quality. Remember that Sears carries a full inventory of baby bedding items, so you can find everything in our online catalog.

Naturepedic 's Organic Cotton Oval Bassinet Mattress is a high-quality product that helps you contribute toward the protection of our environment. Made of 100-percent organic cotton fabric, this mattress features a polyethylene waterproof coating that is food-grade safe and easy to clean. The mattress is nontoxic and filters out dust mites to prevent allergic reactions. As your baby grows up, you can find great kids' bedding products at Sears, including blankets, pillows and sheets from leading brand names.

Another organic option is the L.A. Baby Natural-IV Waterproof Organic Cotton cover Crib Mattress. The organic cotton used for this product does not utilize environmentally-harmful artificial pesticides or fertilizers during farming or processing phases. Heavy gauge springs provide excellent support, and this item features a lifetime warranty. For babies who need extra clean environments for health reasons, the Foundations Professional Series 3'' Compact Crib Mattress features a hospital quality antimicrobial surface and an easy-to-clean reinforced nylon cover. If you are in the process of setting up or renovating your nursery, check out our wide array of baby furniture collections that include items like cribs, bassinets and toy boxes.

Sears offers top baby mattress brands to include Dorel, Dream On Me and Levels of Discovery so that you will not have to worry about quality. Our mattress products provide comfort combined with firm support and durability. Many items use organic, nontoxic and hypoallergenic materials so that you can maintain the safest and healthiest possible environment for your little one. Shop at Sears today to find baby mattresses that will let your baby sleep soundly throughout the night.


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