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Learning & Development Toys

Combine education and fun with learning toys

Encourage children to develop new skills by giving them interactive learning toys from Sears. When they can have fun with educational toys, kids can learn faster and they will play with that toy longer. We have hundreds of educational toys for children of all ages, from simple blocks to high-tech electronic systems. For best results, select toys that are designed for the age group your child is in.

You have seen it many times before; your child gets a toy they love so much they even take it to bed with them at night. This happens frequently with soft toys, like a small stuffed animal, but older children can get very attached to some of their high-tech toys. Our educational toys can also become favorites with the kids. Combine fun with learning, and you have toys that promote healthy development through play.

Turning play into a learning experience for children is easy with the many early development toys at Sears. There are toys for each age group, including babies. For the youngest children, you might just want to get some toys that are large and chunky, like cars, sorter toys and some bath toys. Older children will enjoy skill toys, such as mini basketball sets, balance games or toy tools. Many of our learning toys focus on memory, vocabulary and musical expression, while others help kids develop physical benefits, like balance. The main goal of these toys is having fun; if children can also learn, that is a double reward.

Parents, grandparents and friends give children learning toys for many reasons, including birthdays. It is important to remember that the difficulty level of those toys should match a child's age. If a toy is too hard to figure out, the child may become frustrated and just ignore it. If it is too easy, they may become bored. A stacking toy might be best for preschool kids, but an electronic learning system will have more meaning to an older child. That is why Sears has a full range of toys for kids of all ages. When you select toys by age of the children, you are giving them a chance to have fun and learn easily. They will enjoy the toys more, and you will get to see how well they can play with that particular toy. We have a large selection of games for the whole family at Sears, including card games, board games and physical-activity games.

Giving kids age-appropriate toys to play with is the best way to take advantage of learning toys. The children get to have fun while they learn new skills. At Sears, we have hundreds of toys priced for every budget and ready for delivery or pickup.