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Learning & Development Toys

Teach basic skills with exciting new educational toys in the toy box 

Educational toys can foster a fun, creative learning environment for little ones These interactive toys challenge young minds to develop new skills, while keeping them entertained with exciting features. From colorful flashcards to brainteasing math puzzles, kids of all ages will look forward to getting a head start in the classroom with learning toys from Sears.

Young children absorb knowledge like a sponge, so educational toys are a great way to introduce new subjects in a dynamic way. Little ones will love playing at an activity center that's full of eye-catching games and devices. Basic blocks and manipulatives are classic toys that smaller children kids adore. Spread an educational floor mat in the playroom, and let junior loose on a set of wooden blocks. Parents can teach kids to sort and count the different shapes, or stack the blocks into a massive skyscraper.

Music toys can be the first step towards musical instrument lessons further on down the road, while educational kits and sets can help your little scientist create new experiments. Electronic toys pack dozens of different lessons into one handheld device, so kids can learn about everything from language to geography. Guide your student to success with fun educational toys from Sears.