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      Let them entertain you with musical instrument toys

      Kids love to make noise. Help them channel that love into a passion for music. Sears can help you find an instrument that will truly speak to your child, whether it's a guitar, drum kit, wind instrument, karaoke machine or a kid-sized piano. Toddlers will love to bang on our sturdy percussion toys, and teens will be thrilled with their very own electric guitar and amp. Give the special kids in your life the gift of music and the chance to develop their hidden, or not-so-hidden, talents. Who knows? You might have the next Katy Perry, Jimi Hendrix or Mozart on your hands!

      Studies have shown that playing music has a powerful positive effect on a child's growing brain. Practicing an instrument encourages children to develop concentration, dedication, pride and the important knowledge that a little bit of practice reaps big rewards. Kids who love brain teasers and a fun challenge will also love tinkering around with a musical instrument and figuring out how it works. What could be more enjoyable than watching your child's skills and confidence develop  all while they're having fun?

      Musical instruments make a great addition to any kid's indoor toy collection along with games, puzzles and books. Get them up, moving and interacting with others when they play and perform. Little kids will love jamming along with their favorite Sesame Street characters, and big kids will learn some valuable lessons in cooperation when they start their first rock band. Your budding diva will soon be belting it out with the best of them with her own sing-along microphone. Every kid will be able to express themselves in their own unique way.

      Explore the huge variety of musical instrument toys you'll find here at Sears. You'll find high-quality instruments that will truly grow with your child, like electronic keyboards that will last from a child's first Mary Had a Little Lamb to their first Bach Cantata. You can find real classical guitars as well as sturdy toy guitars. Check out our collection of colorful band instruments. Did you know that trumpets come in red, blue and green? Musical instrument toys make great boys' toys, girls' toys, toys for young and old  anyone who loves to explore their creative side.

      When kids discover early how rewarding it is to make music and perform, they're hard to stop. Let Sears help you find the perfect gift for that awesome kid in your life and then get ready for their moment on the big stage. Sears can make it happen when you shop children's musical instruments today.



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