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      Playing guitar helps cognitive development in children

      Guitars are versatile instruments that can be used to play pretty much any musical style. Whether you were born to rock or prefer the soft sound of classical pieces, this instrument is the perfect creative outlet. Sears offers both acoustic and electric models for budding guitarists of all ages. Student-sized or standard, you'll find a guitar you or your child will love learning to play.

      Starting your child off with a guitar can be a challenge, but the time and effort are well worth it. Musical toys have been shown to have all kinds of benefits. Kids who play an instrument improve their memory and comprehension skills and often do better in reading and math than their non-musical peers. To get your child familiar with the feel of playing a guitar at an early age, start with a toy guitar. Though not very functional as instruments, they make a good starting point and ready kids for the 3/4-sized guitars used for learning the basics to the instrument. Fully playable and perfect for small hands, these instruments are just right for school-age children and come in a variety of eye-catching colors.

      Another great benefit of music in childhood is the opportunity to learn to play in a group. Groups need a variety of different instruments to round out the sound, which is why Sears stocks both acoustic and electric instruments from high-quality brand names. You'll find electric bass guitars as well, which provide the deep, resonant backbeat that's heard in many popular songs. Equip you or your kids with a few percussion toys and you'll have a full band right in your own home.

      Playing alone or with friends will no doubt spark your child to want to sing. Karaoke music players not only give your kids a way learn all the words to their favorite songs but also help them recognize how the different elements of a song go together. Listening to music they love and picking out instrument lines encourages kids in their own playing, helping them to improve and to boost self-confidence. By the time your kids reach their teen years and are ready for a full-size guitar, they'll have a strong foundation for musical performance that carries over into other areas of their lives.

      Getting your kids started with musical instruments harnesses their creative energy and gives them something that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Whether they prefer electric guitars or the piano, there's an instrument that lets them express themselves. Shop Sears online or in store to find just the right guitar for your child's personality.


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