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Karaoke music players provide fun for kids of all ages

Music has a profound effect on kids and teens, enhancing their development as they learn and mature. According to research, those exposed to music at a young age tend to perform better in school and often become more confident as adults. Sears offers a wide variety of high-quality music products for kids and teenagers. We carry karaoke music players, toy instruments, accessories and more to help your children reach the highest stars.

Karaoke means creative family fun for everyone. Sears has everything kids of all ages need in order to enjoy hours of singing. Find brightly colored sing-a-long CD players, microphones and boom boxes for your littlest stars to belt out their favorite tunes. We also carry accessories such as cables, mixers and amplifiers in order to enhance your family's karaoke experience. If your family enjoys playing and singing together, check out our wide selection of guitars and other musical instruments. Teach one child how to play guitar, another how to sing and you're on your way to forming the next popular family band.

Every child loves to rock the new beat they hear on the radio or see stars performing on TV. Sears has all the gear you need to help make it happen. Find the best karaoke equipment, including voice enhancers and mixers to boost your family fun. We even have portable PA systems for you to take your show out on the road or to Grandma's house for the evening. Percussion toys always add excitement to any karaoke party. Let your littlest drum out the beat or give your singer a tambourine to tap while they sing. Find drums, keyboards, tambourines and other musical instruments for future stars to display their talents.

Kid's television shows often feature original tracks for children to listen and sing along to. Sears has the biggest selection of your child's favorite songs on karaoke discs. Your kids will love singing along with all their favorite characters and you'll love the age appropriate tunes. We have a wide selection of karaoke music for your kids to jam out to for endless hours of fun. If your child has a strong interest in music, encourage them to perform and create beautiful melodies with toy wind instruments. Once they've got the basics, let them join the school band so they can pursue their dreams.

Enhance your children's love of music with kids karaoke machines. Whether your kids loves to sing, strum guitars or rock to the beat of drums, Sears has all the gear you need to start them off on their music careers.


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