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      Explore a world of sound with musical toys

      Whether you're an established musician who wants to experiment with sound or a child who wants to learn how to read and play music, musical toys will help you explore your creativity. Before parents invest in real instruments and lessons, see if your child has a knack for it. Let kids play around on these toys to learn about beats and harmonies. Musicians who already know how to play can use them as a way to play with sound. You can use these toys to help inspire you to compose new music or use them in renditions of your favorite songs.

      Musical toys range from standard keyboards to the most exotic instruments like the oboe. For the non-instrumental folks, Sears has many karaoke music players. These awesome toys are fun for the whole family, and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. To make your weekend more exciting, bring some friends over and play music or sing as a group.

      Imagine the elegant strains of Moonlight Sonata drifting out of the window as you enter the house. The intricate melody is being played on a sleek, black clarinet. Your child probably isn't there quite yet, but they can learn with toys designed to help them learn music. At Sears, this musical dream world could become a reality. From toy wind instruments to real flutes, you can find all the gear you need to learn your craft. We offer an impressive offering that ranges from guitars to harmonicas. You can complete the perfect drum set with a pair of crash cymbals or you can relax to the sounds of classical guitar. From head-banging electric guitars to folksy country banjos, there are toys that make music made to fit every genre.

      If your child is interested in playing an instrument, it's smart to let them play with these toys before investing in an instrument. Sears offers an impressive array of musical toys and gadgets to learn from. The dedicated musician can find all the best instruments and music accessories from our selection of gear. From shoulder straps to customized colors, many instruments can be modified to represent your individuality. To keep your child's toys running, we provide a selection of batteries to suit every musical need. With batteries and instruments in hand, you can make music with your toys wherever you go.

      Slip inside a world where melodies flow around you and sweet harmonies envelop your senses. With musical toys from Sears, you are in control and the perfect song is just at your fingertips.


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