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Percussion toys give your child a musical head start

Although intermediate and advanced students would benefit from our full-sized drum set, beginners and tots who love to make noise would certainly be great for toddler sized sets. Rest assured that even though these sets are the size of toy drums, they are still quality musical instruments for a beginning student. Our selection of percussion instruments also includes electronic toys for musically-themed play outside of serious practice. The electronic instruments also have the advantage of connecting to a computer to give your child the ability to create accompaniments for their original tunes.

Children love to make noise. Whether it's banging on their high chairs or crying, kids want you to know they're there. Pick up an electronic toddler drum set for your kids to play on and they'll surely have hours of fun combining noise with action. Music toys like toy drums help children hone their hand-eye coordination and create music helps quicken development. Not every child who loves music needs to play an instrument; if your child is of reading age and loves to sing, pick up a karaoke music player. These machines build confidence, encourage reading and help improve singing skills.

If your child has outgrown their toddler toy drum sets but still wants to keep on jamming, there is a variety of other options that can help your child learn about beats and rhythm. Sears has a selection of tambourines, triangles and other percussion instruments small enough to fit comfortably into your child's hands. If music is of interest, but not the drums, look to Sears for child-sized piano keyboards. Not only can your child learn the piano, but most pianos include electronic drum sounds and beats, and recording devices so your kid can compose their own masterpieces.

Once your child is old enough to jump into music, whether that's learning musical notations or learning how to read drum beats, look into child-sized drum sets. These sets have everything, including cymbals so that your child can learn the full range of the craft. If you're looking for an instrument with less banging and more of a light and airy sound, try toy wind instruments. No matter the age, toy musical instruments help musicians learn the basics before they jump into playing the real thing. Find everything you need to help your child become the rock star they've always dreamed about with gear from Sears.

Encouraging your child to play a musical instrument starts with toddler toy drum sets. Eventually, they could end up winning a Grammy, but for now get all your gear from Sears to start off your little musician on the right foot.


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