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      Blow bubbles with your kids all summer long

      Blowing bubbles is an iconic part of childhood that you don't want your kids to miss out on. This simple activity is fun for the whole family and safe for all ages. Share the excitement of blowing dozens of tiny bubbles or start a contest to see who can make the biggest bubble with the toys and accessories available at Sears. From bubble wands to colored soap solutions, we have what you need to build a bubble-blowing paradise right in your own backyard.

      You can use a bottle of nontoxic solution and a plastic bubble wand to start blowing bubbles. Most bubble solutions include a simple wand with one or two circles at the end, which is perfect for kids who just want to blow a lot of bubbles. However, some kids are not content with a stream of bubbles that are all much the same size. If your kids are the types who enjoy extreme outdoor toys like water blasters, they'll want their bubble blowing to be extreme too. Get them a giant bubble wand from HQ Kites that they can wave in the air to create enormous bubbles and let the fun begin.

      Though blowing bubbles is great entertainment, some kids would rather pop them. Young children especially like to run around chasing after these colorful soapy spheres, which is why companies such as Professor Bubbles and Little Kids make bubble guns and machines designed to produce a large volume of bubbles without a lot of effort. Simply fill one of these toys with bubble solution and push the appropriate button for an instant stream of bubbles. Like water toys, bubble guns and machines encourage outdoor play, which is an essential part of any child's development. Running around after bubbles lets your kids exercise in a safe yet unstructured environment. This kind of free-form play lets kids harness their natural energy and encourages physical activity as they get older. Colored bubble solutions from Crayola produce a rainbow of bright bubbles to make outdoor play even more fun.

      To ensure that your kids stay active even when you're not at home, pack some bubbles along with your beach toys the next time you travel. Rhode Island Novelty makes a collection of small bubble-blowing toys and accessories that can easily be carried from place to place. Some are fashioned as necklaces so that your kids can be ready to blow bubbles wherever they are, allowing them to enjoy this simple pleasure throughout all your travels.

      Safe, nontoxic and a lot of fun, bubbles are a fun outdoor activity for any kid. You can even get in on the fun and enjoy a trip back to your own childhood when you join your kids in blowing bubbles. Stock up on bubble solution and accessories from Sears for hours of outdoor fun.


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