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      Kites make outdoor entertainment a breeze

      Windy days are some of the best days for family fun at the park or beach. Kites and other wind toys make the most of your breezy time outside. Sears has an assortment of kites for novice flyers as well as those who consider themselves to be pros. We also offer wind toys that delight kids and adults of all ages. Young ones love to watch pinwheels spin in the breeze. Buy a handcrafted one that doubles as yard decor and entertainment.

      Kites are great choices for friendly competition. Buy a kite for every member of your family and host a kite-flying tournament. These types of competitive events are great for typical family weekends, but also work well for family reunions and picnics. Add other outdoor games like washer toss and horseshoes for a truly grand event. Make sure you have plenty of kites of varying sizes so that everyone can join in on the fun.

      Are you looking for an out-of-the-ordinary way to educate and entertain your kids? Kites and wind toys teach children valuable lessons about physics and aerodynamics while they play. Use unique toys like stilts and juggling supplies to supplement lessons about gravity and kinetics. Of course, the main reason kids enjoy kites is because they are so much fun. They will never realize they are learning while building fantastic memories.

      Families do not need a lot of room to enjoy kites. Even small yards and driveways are large enough to get some kites in the air. It is even more fun to take kites to parks as larger areas do enhance the ability of flight. Kites are also popular at the beach. Make sure that you include a kite with the rest of your beach toys so you can take advantage of windy days. If you simply love to fly a kite despite low wind, Sears has many options for easy-fly kites as well. These are ideal for those beach or park days

      Flying kites is a great way to spend an afternoon. Sears has kites of all styles and colors. Many of our kites that are simple to put together and easy to navigate. Some choices are weather-resistant while others are enjoyed for their beauty as much as their ability to fly. Look for kites with your favorite logos or design your own. All of these options are available through Sears. Buy yours today.


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