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      Get your kids moving with swing sets

      Swing sets are one of the most iconic childhood yard toys you can buy. Nothing says warm weather fun like running out into the yard and swinging on a swing or sliding down a slide. Give your kids great memories with one of the many swing set models available from Sears. Whether basic or intricate, you kids will get a kick out of the set you choose.

      There are so many different models of swing sets that it might be hard to pick one at first. The most basic like those from Playzone start with a wood or metal frame and feature a few swings with either solid straight seats or flexible curved seats. Both chains and ropes are commonly used to connect the swings to the frame, though chains like those used for patio swings tend to be sturdier. New Timber incorporates colorful plastic slides into their sets, adding another dimension to outdoor play. If you really want to engage your kids and give them a reason to spend as much time outside in the nice weather as possible, Backyard Discovery offers a line of extensive play sets that go beyond swinging to create a kid-sized oasis right in your backyard. Once you've put together a solid, colorful play space for your kids, you could find that you have a hard time calling them back inside at the end of the day.

      Being outside encourages exercise whether your kids are swinging, sliding or just running around. The more time your kids enjoy outdoors, the better. Providing a central place in your yard where your kids can focus energy encourages the physical activity that they need to stay healthy. Swinging on swings, bouncing on trampolines and swimming in the pool are all great ways for kids to stay active. When you choose outdoor activities that your kids enjoy, you won't have to pry them off the couch on sunny days. Instead, they'll want to spend time in the environment that you've created for them, entertaining themselves while getting essential exercise.

      Staying active through outdoor play builds necessary skills as well. Learning to swing requires coordination between a variety of muscle groups. Kids need to use those same muscles to stay in motion whether they want to swing higher or start slowing down. Getting on and off swings requires balance, a skill that can also be learned by playing on balance beams or walking with stilts. The more varied your child's activities, the more skills they'll learn as they play.

      Physical activity is essential for every child. Setting up swing sets in your yard gives your kids something fun and engaging to do whenever it's nice enough to go outside. It's easy for kids of all ages to get the hang of this simple staple of childhood. Head to Sears when you're ready to set up a swing set for your kids to enjoy.


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