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      Delight kids of all ages with water toys

      Remember when you were a kid and enjoyed running through the sprinkler, squirting friends with water guns and then your parents joined in the fun? Adults and kids still enjoy that same exciting play with many of our outdoor water toys, like water guns, bubble makers, water slides and sandboxes. We have these and many more beach and water toys for you to select to make this season a hit with all ages at your house. Delight everyone by bringing home water toys from Sears.

      Put outdoor water toys in your back yard and your kids will stay home to play under your watchful eyes. We have hundreds of toys to use in the water, and many types of swimming pools to put out in your yard for the kids or adults. Get the gang some water guns, float toys and games to play in the pool and watch them have hours of fun. We also have sandboxes, pails, shovels and other beach toys at Sears. For dry land fun, get the kids a few of our riding toys. They will be thrilled when they get on their Big Wheels or scooters or battery-powered four wheelers. They might drive right into the spray from our play sprinklers to cool off after their road trip around the yard.

      Our back yard swimming pools are one way to keep kids healthy and at home. Fill up the pool and give the kids some other toys like squirt guns and water slides, and they will get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Adults can also enjoy swimming in our larger pools or cooling off on a float toy at the beach. Another good addition to your back yard play area is one of our swing sets. We carry many types of playsets, from those that look like a fort and also have a slide or climber to individual toddler swings you can hang from a porch ceiling or tree limb. Inflatable bouncers are yet another option you will find at Sears for kids. Keep everyone cool and happy this year by bringing home affordable water toys, inflatable toys and outdoor playsets from Sears.

      Once you have a Sears swimming pool set up in the yard, you will want to get some more water toys for everyone. The obvious ones include water guns and float toys. We have hundreds of these types of toys in stock. We also have the not-so-obvious choices, like water trampolines. In addition to many land trampolines, we have special floating rafts that encircle a trampoline mat that you can enjoy at the lake. Be sure to check these out when you come in to the store.

      Keeping cool is more fun when you have some good toys to play with in the pool. Stock up now on new pools, toys, swing sets and accessories at Sears. We carry many pool accessories and toys galore at the store; come on it to order or have us deliver everything to you.


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