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      Dress up imaginations with pretend jewelry from Sears

      Playing dress-up is almost a vital part of anyone's childhood. From the time kids are old enough to imagine, kids love to create their own worlds where they can be anything. Help them build a more realistic picture of their imaginary places with pretend jewelry and other accessories from Sears. These colorful toys help expand your child's horizons as she plays pretend.

      Beaded necklaces, stretchy wristbands and themed jewelry sets are just a few of the accessories that kids have to choose from when dressing up. With these accessories, your kids will have hours of fun, pretending to be whatever they want. Little princesses can add flair to their dress-up toys with bright flowers headbands or crowns. It does not take much to set your child's imagination on the fast track to a whole new world.

      You have probably noticed that your kids' games are not always grand fantasies. Sometimes, kids prefer more down-to-earth themes when they play. Pretending to be adults is a common theme, which is why kid-sized fashion accessories, plastic makeup and other grownup toys are so popular. When your kids reach the age where they start asking for a kitchen playset or toy doctor's bag full of pretend medical equipment, don't worry about what seems like a lack of fantasy and imagination. Rather than being a sign of them growing up too fast, these games are an extension of what your kids see you and other adults doing on a daily basis. Providing them with the accessories to act out what they see helps them to visualize their personal concepts of adulthood and make personal goals for the future.

      Provide your kids with a variety of toys and accessories encourages them to make the most of their childhood. So many kids spend their free time watching TV or playing video games when they could be doing something artistic. If your child needs some inspiration, interactive toy dolls can provide a starting point for many original games or dress-up ideas. Props are like dolls and jewelry are just another way your child can use their creativity and imagination during playtime.

      It only takes a few accessories to turn your child's imagined characters into realities. Dressing up with fun costumes and pretend jewelry lets your kids be whatever they want whenever they want. When they're free to invent new places and people, there's no end to what they can come up with. Shop Sears for pretend jewelry and other props to help them build new worlds to explore every day.


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