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Encourage pretend play with medical dress up toys

Dressing up and pretend play help children to develop necessary social skills and a better understanding of the world around them. Dressing up and playing roles can help stimulate the child's imagination along with improving their language skills. Your youngsters can develop an affinity with a particular occupation or profession at a young age. Sears offers a wide array of military and medical dress up playsets for young children to help them better understand things they encounter in everyday life.

Military dress up sets are favorites among children who watch action movies, cartoons and video games. The costumes and accessories allow them to imagine themselves in the middle of an exciting battle, or they may re-enact scenes from their favorite superhero flicks. This role-playing can help children understand the importance the armed forces play in keeping nations secure. Sears also has a great selection of history toys that can familiarize your children with the role of the military during different historical periods. We carry leading brands of history learning toys including American, Learning Resource and Fisher-Price to provide you with access to the best products.

Dress up and pretend play are important factors in gender role identification. While children often tend to mimic the roles played by their parents, conscience development also helps kids in identifying with particular duties, occupations and professions. Sears carries toys by gender that can help children in understanding how the world around them works for the two sexes. Providing certain toys can also help your child break through certain gender-based stereotypes. For example, medical dress up clothes for girls may help them in believing they can become doctors and surgeons when they grow up.

Pretend play helps your children use their imagination freely by providing them with toys that resemble items they encounter in everyday life. They can gain a deeper understanding of equipment used by doctors, firefighters and soldiers through this type of imaginative play. Toy tool sets are excellent for familiarizing youngsters with practical items that they may see their parents using for DIY jobs. Sears has a variety of play tool sets including My First Craftsman that provide toy replicas of all the common household tools, including powered varieties. These sets also improve your child's vocabulary as they learn about new types of equipment, tools and other everyday items.

Sears provides the top brands of medical dress up products such as Dee Zee, Theo Klein and Plan Toys so that you can find high-quality items for your kids. By engaging in pretend play, your children will develop problem-solving skills, language skills and a better understanding of their world. Dressing up and role-playing encourage social interaction and understanding of etiquette, negotiation and cooperation in dealing with other kids. Shop at Sears today for military and medical dress up playsets that will help with your children's social, creative and language development.



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