My First Craftsman

      My First Craftsman gives your little helper plenty to do. If you have kids who can't get enough of pretend building and fixing, Sears has the perfect toys for them. Designed to imitate real Craftsman tools and sets, these mini versions are safe but sturdy enough to hold up to all the hammering, drilling and sawing kids do. Watch your little ones become absorbed in their play tasks with pretend tools that look just like what's in your workshop. If you have kids who love playing house instead of building one, shop Sears for My First Kenmore toys.

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      My First Craftsman lets any kid play DIY expert

      Your child can don the hat of a handyman with My First Craftsman toy tools at Sears. Our range of toys covers everything from gardening equipment to battery-powered drills for the budding do-it-yourself master. Batteries are included in most sets so that your kid can dive right in. Craftsman toys are not only fun but also help kids learn fine motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination while they fix up the house and build in the backyard. With handy carrying cases, your little one can tote his or her tools to each work site in style.

      Future builders, mechanics and landscapers will get hours of play out of the cool toys we have at Sears. With options like building their own racing chopper and painting a car with a light-up air compressor, kids will have a blast donning their goggles for a hard day's work. Each set includes extras like plastic screws and wood so that you child has everything he or she needs for the next big project. Whether you're looking for toys by gender or a way to let any kid follow in Mom and Dad's footsteps, My First Craftsman is an excellent choice for playtime.

      Giving your child a Craftman mini tool set adds another role to their repertoire of make-believe. In the ranks of medical dress up and military playsets, handyman toys stand out by encouraging kids to learn to help out around the house. Your kids will love the chance to tend the yard with Mom, work on the car with Dad and start their very own pretend projects. On their own or bonding with you, kids can let their imaginations run wild.

      Playing pretend is one of the most important aspects of early childhood development. Trying on different roles lets children explore their personalities and discover their personal tastes. Toys like My First Craftsman or a kitchen playset also encourage the creativity and independent thought that will help kids think outside the box as they get older. As they emulate Mom and Dad, kids learn what skills and professions to value as well.

      Let your little one slap on his hard hat and pack a lunch pail. It's time to do some serious building. When you browse our selection of My First Craftsman toy, you'll find everything your future handyman needs to get the job done.


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