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      Brain Teasers

      Your kids need to put the latest electronic gadgets down sometime. Give them brain teasers designed to sharpen their thinking skills instead. While they're at it, you can enjoy some teasers of your own as these mind-bending games are perfect for all ages. Sears is here to help you keep your mind sharp. It feels like play, but it's actually serious skill-building. The use it or lose it motto definitely applies to your thinking skills. These games hone your concentration and focus, which everyone needs throughout life. Shop Sears for brain and mystery games designed to make you think.

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      Strengthen your brain power with brain teasers

      Give your mind a little workout with a new brain teaser. Sears stocks various puzzles to challenge your brain power, including the famous Rubik's Cube. Choose simple to difficult jigsaw puzzles, board games and 3D puzzles. Puzzles appeal to all age groups and are a great way to test your problem-solving prowess.

      Games like Sudoku have become extremely popular for a reason; they help pass time and strengthen your brain. Some popular puzzles are also available in paperback formats so they're easy to travel with. Paperback puzzles are great for the commute to work or for the airplane when you can't use electronic devices. Sears has games for all ages and abilities, from beginner to expert levels. For more serious play, take a look at our collection of 3D puzzles. You can build a tower, or construct dinosaurs and other animals with wooden 3-D puzzles. We have hundreds of fun games and interesting puzzles to help keep the kids occupied and to give parents a welcome break from the ordinary.

      Puzzles are a great alternative activity for children and are also an enjoyable pastime for adults. There are hundreds to choose from, which makes it easy to find the perfect puzzle for anybody. Start the kids working on some simple wooden puzzles and then move them up to floor puzzles and more difficult challenges like hundred-piece puzzles. Children always have fun with jigsaw puzzles. As the pieces come together to create brightly colored pictures of animals, favorite characters or beautiful scenery the excitement grows within the child. Puzzles also are educational, teaching various subjects like science, geography and language. Shop at Sears to find the best in toys, games and a puzzle selection that is second to none.

      Puzzles come in many forms, from paperback to floor puzzles. Another popular choice is board games such as checkers and chess. Test your brain power with these games that require higher logic and thinking abilities. Some other types of puzzles that Sears carries are metal puzzles, wood puzzles and cube puzzles. For a board game that is always challenging, try chess, which requires that players determine not only the best immediate move, but to think ahead several turns at how their opponent could respond.

      Puzzles are fun for the whole family and have great learning benefits. Sears has wonderful brain teaser puzzles for kids and adults, 3-D puzzles that are fun to construct and many other games that test your brain power.


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