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      Jigsaw puzzles challenge all age minds

      Kids and adults can have hours of fun putting together complex jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaws of all kinds challenge young minds and encourage logical thinking processes. Sears has simple puzzles that are perfect for younger children. For older children or adults, our wide variety of challenging puzzles will accommodate any age mind. We stock hundreds of jigsaw puzzles that feature beautiful scenery, buildings, flowers, animals and other subjects.

      Find a selection of puzzles that contains hundreds of choices, from typical 500- to 2,000-piece flat puzzles to 3-D wooden puzzles. Choose your favorite scenes of horses, flowers or cities. You can even find expanded globe map puzzles of the world. If you want to permanently show off your completed puzzle as artwork, Sears also carry frames. The most challenging puzzles can rival brain teaser toys, because they can give you hours of fun trying to come up with a solution. When it comes to puzzles, our supply is almost unlimited. Get several different kinds and host a puzzle challenge next time you have a party or get together for some family fun.

      There are many different types of jigsaw puzzles in addition to the traditional ones you build on a table or floor. Sears' selection of wood puzzles are very entertaining for children and adults and are a good alternative to traditional jigsaw puzzles. We also have 3-D puzzles made from wood or plastic pieces. Part of the fun of doing jigsaw puzzles is laying out all the pieces and then deciding where to begin. Each of our jigsaw puzzles has a full color rendition of the finished artwork, so you can match puzzle parts to the photos. Select a tough one like the Brooklyn Bridge at night, or a field of colorful flowers, and get ready for hours of fun assembling your puzzle.

      Advanced jigsaw puzzles will provide hours of fun for adults and older children, but to accommodate the younger ones in your family look for puzzles with a smaller number of larger-sized pieces. Small children will enjoy wood-pegged puzzles that have large pieces and are easy for little hands to maneuver and fit into place. Colorful puzzles are more interesting for the little ones, especially if the picture shows something they love like animals or a favorite cartoon character. Our word puzzles and number puzzles are great ways for kids to have fun while they learn vocabulary or math. Help your kids learn while they have fun with basic puzzles and games.

      Puzzles are a great way to get people talking at parties and to keep the children occupied and having fun. Always have a few different types of puzzles from Sears to keep people engaged and working together.


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