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      Encourage outdoor play with big wheels ride on toys from Sears

      When shopping for toys for your child, consider getting them toys that encourage outdoor play. Big wheels ride on toys are similar to tricycles and get kids excited about spending time outdoors. Set them up with mobility toys and they'll happily ride along the driveway for hours. Sears has big wheels toys that come in a variety of styles to suit any kid's interests; choose from four-wheelers to tricycles to miniature fire trucks to give them toys that spark the imagination.

      Plastic pedal baby ride on toys give toddlers another way to move. By using the pedals, kids are also developing muscle memory which will help them when it's time to learn to ride a bike. These plastic toys are tough enough to withstand the weight of your child while holding up to cracks and bumps in the pavement, making them durable enough to pass down through multiple generations of kids. Find the perfect mobility toy to get your toddler active in the great outdoors.

      Find cars that look like miniature fire trucks to help your kids exercise both their muscles and their imaginations. Cars without pedals which require kids to scoot around on the pavement with their feet are a ton of fun too. Just like with toy wagons, kids can have fun rolling around whether their parents are towing them to the park or they're just doing laps around the basement at home. These toys are great for inside play because kids can easily put their feet down on the floor to brake. Sears has a ton of awesome big wheels toys to choose from so that your child can have the most fun both indoors and outside.

      Once your child masters propelling and pedaling with their ride on toys, give them a wiggle toy. This combines the movement of them pushing and wiggling along the pavement, all while steering in the direction they want to go. These toys help kids learn how to multitask mentally and physically. Once they get even older, you can give your kids ride on toys bundles, so that once they master the wiggle rider they'll have a powered ride on toy to grow into.

      Big wheel toys are a ton of fun for kids learning how to use mobility. Give your kids baby ride on toys from Sears and help foster a love for physical activity early on in their lives.


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