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Pedal Vehicles

Pedal vehicles are a classic childhood toy for any kid. Whether it's a simple big wheels toy or an advanced four-wheel pretend tractor, kids love to roll down the driveway and scoot up the sidewalk with wheeled ride on toys like tricyles and scooters. Pedal toys promote muscle development and balance skills, giving your kids a leg up when it's time to learn bike riding. Have your kids pedal alongside you all the way to the park or send the around the block on their own to make their own advetures; either way, they'll have a fun, safe time with Sears' collection of toy pedal vehicles.

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Encourage kids to play outside with pedal vehicles from Sears

Pedal vehicle toys disguise physical activity with fun. Sears has a ton of toys, like toy cars or scooters, to help kids get moving. These pedal toys are durable and don't move as quickly as bikes, so kids won't go too quickly before they're ready for it. Other items include toy tractors and dump trucks, which allow kids to take part in imaginative and physical play. here you'll find the perfect ride on toys for outdoor playtime.

Four-wheeled miniature construction trucks may not be powered vehicles, but they're just as fun. Kids can pretend they're working on the farm with imitation tractors or on the job site with dump trucks. These toys foster your kids' imaginations and promote physical activity outdoors, all while they're having fun. Plus, the dump trucks actually allow kids to move piles of dirt, sand or their siblings' toys around the house or backyard. Find cool toys that allow your child's imagination to flourish while they're having fun with physical activity.

Tricycles are great for introducing your kids to pedal toys and physical activity. Sears offers many different styles of tricycles to give your kid a start on three-wheeled fun. Some tricycles even have push and pull handles, so you can help push your kid back home if he or she gets tired. Sears has a selection of ride on toys and safety gear like helmets to go along with the trike. That way, it'll feel more natural to wear one when your child is ready to learn how to ride a bike. Sears has a huge selection of tricycles to choose from, so parents can find the perfect toy for their kids.

If your kids want to imitate their parents while they play with their baby ride on toys, give them toy cars. Sears has a variety of pretend cars, including a few that are miniature versions of grown-up vehicles. Make play time more realistic with accessories like pretend gas pumps. Kids can pretend to be racecar drivers or their parents driving around town running errands. Find the toys to travel around the world or just around the block from Sears.

Pedal cars for kids are the perfect mix of imaginative fun and physical activity. They allow your child to drive off into the sunset with their dolls or play farmer and harvest their bounty. Ride on toys from Sears are a great mix of imaginative and physical fun.


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