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      Ride on toys are a ton of fun for kids to play with, so why not get ride on toys bundles that feature add-ons to change up playtime here and there. Sears has a selection of toy accessories bundles that are handpicked to go together. Your kids can use tractors with attachable shovels to construct backyard castles, and they can speed off in Camaros with bundled toy electric helicopters for high speed police chases. Strap your kids into safety gear and accessories like helmets and elbow pads, buckle them up, and they'll be able to safely enjoy their ride on toys bundles worry-free.

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      For hours of entertainment, choose ride on toys bundles from Sears

      Kids can get bored quickly and easily, so it's a good idea to give them a backup toy to change up playtime. With a ride on toys bundle, yor kids will spend hours creating imaginary situations and playing them out, without getting tired of the same old toys. Sears has toy accessories bundles that include powered and pedal vehicles with electronic toys, accessories or other add-ons. With these accessories, your kids' imaginations will turn their battery operated cars into action-packed get-a-way vehicles driving off into the sunset.

      Construction bundles are great because they turn a tractor into a dump truck with a few easily attached accessories. Kids can play farmer with this big wheels-type toy. It may not be battery-operated, but this tractor is easy to pedal across the grass. The tough, plastic attachable shovel is strong enough to transport a small pile of dirt or siblings' toys. Playing with construction bundle toys is a great way to disguise physical activity with fun, which is important to kid's development by keeping them active and moving in their outdoor play.

      When powered vehicle toys are paired with physical activity toys, kids get the best of both worlds. Sears has combinations that mix trampolines and battery-operated cars. This way, when kids get bored with driving around the block, they can switch to the trampoline in the backyard and still enjoy the thrill of wind in their hair. Toy groupings like this offer the same kind of excitement while keeping yours kids moving around and being active as well. Trampolines and other fun activity toys foster healthy physical exercise habits in young children, which helps them maintain those habits as they get older.

      When you have multiple kids who love electronic toys, it's a good idea to get more than one. Sears offers combinations that combine baby ride on toys and other electronic toys like helicopters so that kids can play together instead of fighting over one toy. Let them imagine that one sibling is in the get-a-way car and the other is in the police helicopter chasing them around the backyard. Bundles are good for only children too; with multiple toys they won't ever get bored during playtime.

      Kids love the thrill of ride on toys, so find toys and accessories which offer that same level of enjoyment. Sears offers bundles that include accessories for certain ride on toys as well as toys that are good accompaniments for powered or pedal vehicles.


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