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      Ride On Toys & Safety

      Give your kids mobility with ride on toys and safety gear from Sears

      Once your toddlers start to crawl around on their own, they'll love to test out their newfound mobility. Start them out early early with plush rocking horses and then once your child gains their walking skills, give them a ride on toy. Sears has powered vehicles, pedal vehicles and other ride on toys, as well as safety gear like helmets to accompany their play-size automobile. Find the best ride on toys that will satisfy your child's need for mobility and the gear to ensure the proper safety.

      After your kids have worn out the rocking horse in their nursery, pick up some pedal toys for them. Sears offers a variety of ride on toys that allow kids to pedal themselves along the sidewalk or your basement floor. Toys like tricycles help children gain the confidence and skills required to ride a two-wheeled bicycle while following you and the rest of the family to the park for some outdoor fun. As they get older, your kids will appreciate ride on toy bundles that feature not only pedal vehicles, but also powered vehicles for them to grow into.

      Powered vehicles make kids feel like they're driving real cars just like Mom and Dad do. Put your kid in an electric Barbie car, a mini sports car or even a tiny four-wheeler to help him or her feel like a real grown-up in a grown-up car. Sears has a huge selection to choose from, so you can easily find your child's favorite color or style of vehicle. Your kids will love pretending to be cool race car drivers, glamorous Barbie characters or even their own parents out on a daily driving routine.

      While your tots are cruising the pavement, make sure they have proper safety gear and accessories. Sears has helmets for your little tikes to prevent them from hurting themselves if they tip over on their tricycle. We also carry a huge selection of fun horns to attach to ride on toys so kids can honk if somebody doesn't see them right away. For extra visibility pick up a neon security flag that is tall enough for drivers to notice while they approach your child's play area. Make play time safe time with added safety gear.

      Find the best ride on toys so that your child can experience the thrill of mobility. Ride on toys provide a sense of self-sufficiency for young children; when they start moving, it gives them the confidence and that they can accomplish anything. Find all the ride on toys to get your children in gear at Sears.