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      Encourage exercise with riding toys for kids

      Kids love being able to get around on their own. Riding toys give them the freedom to move while providing essential exercise and improving coordination. From simple wagons to two-wheeled "big kid" bikes, there's a toy at Sears for every child. Choose the right model for your kids to get them up and moving.

      Encouraging movement is important in today's society. Between spending their days in school and their free time in front of electronic entertainment, kids are more sedentary than ever. Teaching them to enjoy exercise is easy if you start early with toddler tricycles. Tricycles and "big wheel" models are designed in a slightly laid-back position, making it easy for young children to climb on and off and protecting against spills. Kiddi-o and Big Toys make pedaling more fun with kid-powered toys shaped like cars, trucks and airplanes. The more time your child spends pedaling around, the better his or her balance becomes. Older kids looking for a challenge can take things up a notch by learning to balance on stilts.

      Warm weather gives you the perfect opportunity to keep the momentum going by getting outside with your kids. You probably remember spending a lot of time outdoors when you were a kid, biking through the neighborhood with your friends or just zooming around the yard while Mom watched from the kitchen. Schwinn and other familiar brands still make bikes and helmets for boys and girls of all ages. Take time to choose a helmet that fits properly to give your child the best possible protection. When your kids are done riding for the day, make sure they have a few water toys in the backyard so that they can cool off before heading back inside.

      Group play is another great way to engage kids in physical activities. Wagons from classic brands such as Little Tikes and Radio Flyer give kids the chance to pull each other around or bring their favorite things from one place to another. Since these iconic toys aren't limited to outdoor play, they can be used to enhance indoor time when the weather is less than agreeable. On sunny days, wagons are a fun way to haul beach toys around. Load up all your child's favorite buckets, shovels and water games to make a day at the lake even more fun.

      When you give your child age-appropriate riding toys, you promote a positive attitude toward physical activity and encourage independence. As your kids learn to pedal or pretend to drive, they're building skills that they'll use for the rest of their lives. Free-form play enhances imagination and creativity, so you can feel good about how your kids are spending their time. Shop Sears to find just the right riding toy for your child.



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