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      Select toys by age to please your kids

      Finding age-appropriate toys for your kids is never a problem when you shop at Sears. We not only have hundreds of safe toys for children, we have them categorized by age, so you can always find the right one for your child. Toys that are too advanced can be frustrating to children, but toys made for their ages are pleasing to all.

      We have toys for boys and girls of all ages at Sears. Each one is rated for the age of the child the toy is intended for, so you can narrow down hundreds of choices to the best ones for that child. As a child grows, their ability to enjoy more difficult games and toys also grows. Younger ones might be happy with a toy drum, but older children might prefer something more technical, like a real, electronic, drum set. Card games and knowledge games like trivia are always a hit with older kids. Kids of all ages enjoy getting stuffed animals, and so do some adults. We put a lot of thought into our selection of toys for children. Come in and see what we have for your kids at Sears; we think you will be very pleased.

      Shopping for toys by age at Sears is very easy to do. Our collection of children's toys is huge, but we help you find what you want by giving suggestions according to the age of the child. Toys for babies are much simpler than toys for older children; baby toys have fewer parts and may be softer and larger. Older children like to use their knowledge to play board games like Clue, Monopoly or Life. Toddlers enjoy ride-on toys, balls and beginning sports games. Older children will be thrilled to receive toys like a Barbie doll or skill games like our HASBRO Jenga game. Give baby dolls to kids of all ages; many children develop a lifetime hobby collecting realistic dolls that walk and talk. We also carry many accessories for games, like activity mats, extra army guys, and toy cars.

      Shop toys by age for older children, and you will find many exciting games and realistic toys like our battery operated Power Wheels Dora the Explorer Lil' Quad. Little Tikes has a table and chairs set for youngsters where they can play board games like Monopoly or Candy Land. Another option for children are our many floor games, like a WWF Sea Life Floor Puzzle or a Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants Bowling Set. Inflatable bouncers are always a hit with youngsters, and bigger kids will love playing party games like Twister.

      Find the right selection of age-appropriate toys for your children at Sears. Our assortment of toys is outstanding; we have hundreds of choices for kids of all ages. Shop for games and toys when you come in to our store, or make an online order to have your toys delivered to you.


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