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      Find creative toys for ages 1-2 at Sears

      Toys may look like simple fun, but most are designed to provide some type of learning experience for youngsters. Sears carries hundreds of creative play items for children of all ages. We have a large selection of action and learning toys for ages 1-2. Come in to see what is new from reputable companies like Fisher-Price, Little Tikes, Children's Factory and others.

      Put some of our creative toys into the playpen and watch your little one learn new things. A shape sorter teaches them about surprises and fun, with a musical or verbal response when they put the correct shape into the matching space. Sears has some bigger outdoor toys for ages 1-2, like play castles and sand boxes. Inside fun begins when you set out new baby ride on toys. Kids learn about balance and how to make their cars or rocking horses move along. They enjoy feeling independent and will want several of these bug toys to play with. Stuffed animals and kitchen playsets are also favorite toys to get the younger kids in the family involved in creative play activities.

      Sears has many toys that young children will enjoy playing with in their playpens or when they travel. We have high-tech toys like our stuffed animal from LeapFrog that you can program to say names and play songs. Little People Wheelies car toys are just the right size for those little hands to hold. Another classic favorite you will find at Sears is baby doll toys. We have hundreds of these, including play dolls you can attach to a crib, stroller or car seat. Keeping kids entertained every day means having many age-appropriate toys handy for them to play with. Shop Sears to find toys that are fun and educational for kids of all ages.

      Help babies learn by giving them interactive toys from Sears. A basic rattle can help them learn that it will make funny noises if they shake it. High tech interactive toys can do a lot more, and we have many types of these to delight your young child. For make-believe fun, they will enjoy using a colorful Disney Mouskaberry cellphone toy that talks back. For more excitement, supply them with action baby toys like our baby play gyms that provide them exercise along with fun. A learning piggy bank toy gives kids surprises and hours of fun. We have everything from simple rattles and teething toys to more complex musical toys and activity centers. Your children will love playing with creative and interactive toys from Sears.

      Buying baby toys at Sears is fun for Mom and Dad because they can pick out all the neat toys they would have wanted when they were young. We carry hundreds of safe toys for children, and all are durable and affordable. You can shop at your nearest Sears or have us deliver your toy order to your home or business.


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