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      Entertain young kids with toys for ages 3-5

      Finding the right toys for youngsters ages 3-5 is easy when you shop at Sears. We understand the importance of having age-appropriate toys for this age group. They are young enough to still need simpler toys but old enough to want to take on some more challenging toys. Give them plush stuffed toys, action figures, toy cars and other toys designed for ages 3-5 to keep them entertained for hours.

      Keeping little ones busy playing is not difficult when you have creative and fun toys available that are made for their age group. Children are learning constantly, and when they use pretend play toys, action figures or blocks and building sets, they are having fun while they learn. Sears has hundreds of toys for girls and boys of all ages. Those in the range of 3 to 5 years old love baby ride-on toys. They can pretend that they are really driving cars and going places, or riding the wild animals featured in our rocker toys. Realistic toddler toys like our Power Wheels Lil Quad are made to give kids the safe adventure and fun they love.

      Little ones fill their minds with pretend scenarios as they try to mimic the adult world that they watch all around. Ride-on toys allow them to be drivers, racers, movie stars and princesses. Playing with dolls and stuffed animals gives them a chance to play parent, and swing sets, jumpers and other outdoor playsets let them pretend they are superheroes. Little girls always are happy to get pretend jewelry and glamour toys to play with. They can play make-believe with friends when they dress up like Barbie or a Disney princess. Give your children age-appropriate toys from Sears to encourage them to be creative and to use their imagination.

      Pretending they are grownups and mimicking adults are favorite pastimes for younger children. Sears has a large variety of ride-on vehicles, including fire trucks, cars, hot rods and rocking ride-on toys. Get the kids their own Little Tikes picnic table or a large inflatable bouncer so that they can have hours of fun with their buddies. Another traditional favorite toy for girls and boys is a kitchen playset. They love to pretend to cook like their parents and serve pretend goodies to friends and family. For kids, we have other housekeeping sets that include small vacuums, ironing sets, kitchen utensils and dishes. Kids need creative toys for playtime and growth. At Sears, you will find hundreds of role-playing toys that kids can use to develop important life skills.

      Providing kids with the toys to develop is a priority at Sears. We stock hundreds of interesting, creative toys for kids of all ages. Come to Sears and pick up age-appropriate toys for your youngsters, or have your favorite selections delivered.


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