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      Select the perfect toys for ages 9-12

      Children who are ages 9-12 are in a developmental period that can make it difficult to find them the perfect toys. They are between young childhood and teen years, growing in their skills for memory and problem solving. They love toys that are age-appropriate the most, and Sears has a special category of products that fits this age group.

      We have a long list of toys for ages 9-12 at Sears. The best thing about these games is that they are also ones that adults will enjoy playing with their children. Milton Bradley's Life is an excellent game to teach children a little about life in general. Twister is another of our favorite floor games that people love to play. Our math and counting games can actually help kids develop arithmetic skills that can give them a leg up when they're older. Boys and girls in this age group also totally enjoy playing on outdoor swing and climber sets or having fun with Nerf balls and RC helicopters.

      Sears has many interesting choices of toys for kids in this age group, including the best options for learning. Kids like playing fast-paced games like our Parker Brothers favorites Yahtzee and Sorry. We also have blocks, building sets, remote-controlled cars and toys, and dolls that will keep children happy and occupied. Outside, they can romp and jump on an enclosed trampoline while indoors they can spend time with reading and writing toys that are fun to play. There are no dull moments at home when you have age-appropriate toys ready for your kids to use.

      Sears has plenty of choices for boys and girls. Girls of all ages like to play princess games, and boys are always ready for action figures. When it is time to come inside to play, get them a few different games of dominoes to play or other tile games. These offer variety from the usual table games, and they will be using math skills as well. Education is the goal for many games designed for this age group. They can be encouraged without a hassle to improve their reading, writing and math knowledge skills by playing many of our games. You will enjoy reviewing our large selection of options and our low prices here at Sears.

      Kids ages 9-12 like our toys because they are fun, interesting and challenging to young minds. You can provide your children with many educational toys that they will enjoy playing with both you and their friends. Our game selection at Sears is top-notch and affordable. Find the right ones for your family in-store, or shop online. We can deliver your orders, or you can pick them up at your favorite Sears store.


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