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Find the best gift shopping toys by gender

Knowing the best gift for a child can be a difficult prospect. As your children grow, they make more friends, which translates into what seems like a constant string of birthday parties. One of the easiest ways to find the best toys is to shop toys by gender through Sears. We break down some of the most popular toys into categories that most closely resemble what either boys or girls prefer. Boy-specific categories include vehicles and action figures. Girls tend to like dolls and home play sets. You can choose whether to shop for a boy or girl, and then decide which subcategory works best.

A fun way to give is to create a gift basket with many different items. Choose a storage basket in a neutral tone as a container for the gifts. Add unisex items like building blocks or small puzzles for younger children. Older kids might like more complex building kits or craft items. Shop for toys by gender to find the perfect addition that will make the gift basket stand out for your young recipient. Don't forget to include a small plush toy and age appropriate snacks.

Many parents like to make sure that their children are well-rounded during playtime. You might consider giving your son a toy that is typically thought as a girl's plaything, like a baby doll. You may wish to give your daughter a more masculine object, like toy building sets. Some children will balk at items that they perceive to be for the opposite gender. Sears makes it easy to find toys that work in both aspects. Shop toys by gender to find male dolls that boys will love. Building sets that are shaded pink offer a great fit for many girls.

Gift giving does not extend only to family and friends. When you choose charitable giving, you are often specifically asked to purchase gifts that are meant for either boys or girls. Sears understands that our customers are kind, giving people who want the world around them to reflect their good-hearted natures. We let you find toys by gender easily so that you can fulfill wishlists of less fortunate youths. You can also choose to give children's learning books or board games for educational gifts if gender-specific items are not is requested.

Sears wants you to enjoy your shopping experience. We sort toys by gender to take the difficulty out of buying gifts for kids that you may not know well. Shopping by gender also helps you to better understand what toys boys and girls typically like. Shop toys by gender at Sears today to fulfill the wishlists of all of the children in your life.

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