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      Enrich your child's world with huggable stuffed animals

      Giving your child stuffed animals is like introducing them to new friends. Plush toys spark young imaginations by encouraging creative play and enhancing development by offering your child a variety of colors and textures to explore. Kids of all ages benefit from the companionship of the stuffed animals that Sears has in stock. Whether it's a floppy farm animal or a singing Disney character, you're sure to find something that delights your child.

      During the first years of their lives, kids are just starting to build a relationship with the world around them. Even before your child is old enough to recognize colors and shapes, he or she will spend a lot of time exploring. Interacting with stuffed baby toys at this stage presents new experiences that are healthy for development. As your child grows, you can begin to introduce plush toys that require more complex motor skills. Aurora offers several of these designed to be easy for little hands to grasp. A themed carrying case comes with several small stuffed animals that can be put away, taken out again, played with and used to invent games. When kids engage in this kind of imaginative play, it not only strengthens their creative thinking skills but also helps them learn essentials such as problem solving that will come in handy later in life.

      Though they'll eventually outgrow these baby toys, there will be one or two stuffed animals that your kids will want to hold on to as they get older. Familiar faces from Sesame Street and Disney continue to be popular with kids of all ages. Video game characters including Mario and the cast of Angry Birds appeal to older kids, and even teens can appreciate the array of beanbag characters available from TY. Unlike the plush toys they played with as babies, the stuffed animals your kids enjoy as they get older may feature removable clothing and accessories, sound chips or moving parts. These make stuffed toys more appealing to school-aged kids and add an interactive element to creative playtime.

      Even in college, your kids will appreciate the company that stuffed toys offer. No matter how grown up your child acts, being away from home for the first time is a big step. Taking along an old plush friend brings comfort by giving them something familiar to hold onto. Classic stuffed animals like bears, dogs and ducks are often the ones that get carried into adulthood, but the whimsical characters available from Gund make fun companions as well. Some stuffed animals are meant to be collectibles, and your child may wish to hold onto these and display them when the time comes to have a home of his or her own.

      The stuffed animals that you give your children today can become special friends that they'll treasure for the rest of their lives. Check out a Sears store or shop online to find the perfect plush companion for your little one.



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