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Swimming Pools & Accessories

Shop for pools and pool accessories for some fun in the sun

Having a pool in the comfort of your backyard allows you to cool off whenever you want. Your family doesn't have to worry about overcrowded community pools and busy dressing rooms. Sears' selection of pools and pool accessories make it easy to create your own summer fun. Your kids can play with pool toys while you relax beneath patio umbrellas and indulge in a good book. Items like pool safety gear can help you child-proof your pool so everyone enjoys the season in safety.

When it comes to owning a pool, there are a few important accessories you need to keep it in working order. Sears' selection of pool filters, pool chemicals and other pool maintenance items makes it simple for you to keep up with cleaning. Keeping your pool clean and sanitary allows your kids and family to enjoy it throughout the entire summer. Pools bring people together and get them excited about spending time in the great outdoors, so light up the gas grill and throw a pool party with family and friends.

Whether you're purchasing your first pool or are a seasoned pool owner, you'll find all the must-have items in one place. Sears' selection of pools and accessories has  everything you need for upkeep and general pool maintenance.