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Make your backyard the place to be with a swimming pool

When the weather heats up, there is no better way to cool down with family and friends than with your very own swimming pool. So break out the sunscreen, beach towels and that new swimsuit. Peruse backyard swimming pools and accessories to get ready for the joys of being the social hot spot of the neighborhood this summer.

Above-ground swimming pools are a larger, more permanent backyard fixture, with plenty of room for floating, tanning, and unlimited rounds of Marco-Polo. Inflatable pools are a great option too and plenty big for pool games of all kinds. Inflatable pools are set up at the very first signs of summer and taken down and stored during the off season. From large rectangular pools up to 36-feet long to classic circular pools with deluxe frames, Sears has the perfect pool to fit with your backyard and your budget.

Owning a pool does require some maintenance to keep it clean and safe for you and others to enjoy. Getting the right equipment and accessories can make these tasks easier so you can focus less on tedious upkeep and more on splashing around in the sun. Make sure you have the right pool supplies and chemicals to keep it bacteria-free and a pool filter to keep stray items out of the pump. A good pool cover can make all the difference in keeping your pool clear of falling leaves, sticks and twigs. For those stray leaves that do make their way in, pool cleaning machines and vacuums can save you from unnecessary back-breaking work.

If you're looking for pool accessories that aren't solely for practical purposes, there's an array of inflatable pool toys that can transform your pool into a fun playtime oasis. Start a family game of water basketball, or toss a few dive sticks into the shallow end and teach your kids the proper surface diving technique. When you finishing jumping around on the water trampoline, kick back in a pool raft with a drink holder and catch some rays while enjoying your favorite summertime refreshment. When the sun sets but you want to keep the party going, add stylish floating lights to ensure everyone has a safe, fun time. You can even add a mini-light show with accessories that will add colored lights, colored fountains or sparkles projected on the sides of your pool.

When it comes to the summer fun, nothing beats spending the afternoon poolside with the people you love. Whether you're looking to invest in a pool for the first time or simply give your existing one a little extra kick, Sears has the swimming pools and accessories you want to make your backyard the place to be.

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