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      Enjoy a cool mist in your swimming pool with a pool fountain from Sears

      There's something mesmerizing and beautiful about water fountains and the way they capture and reflect sunlight like a prism. Add one of these sprinkling fixtures to your private swimming pool for a peaceful poolside experience. Sears has a variety of pool water fountains and waterfalls that can make you feel like you're at a private resort while swimming in your own backyard. Whether it's powered by your pool pump or battery-powered to flow freely around your pool, pool fountains are simple to operate and fun for the whole family.

      On hot summer days, resist the temptation to cozy up in the air conditioning; instead, redefine relaxation in your own backyard. Grab your most comfortable pool float and set sail in your swimming pool; the best rafts are the ones that sink into the water just enough to keep you wet and cool while still allowing you to soak up some rays. Turn on your pool fountain, kick back and allow yourself to float naturally underneath the falling water.

      Many pool fountains are lighted, so you can keep the water spraying during the day and into the evening. After dark, simply switch on the LED lights and impress your guests with a private poolside light show. Floating fountains are battery-operated, so they drift around the pool unrestricted. If you leave the pool and forget to switch the fountain off, some battery-operated models have an option for automatic shut off, so the batteries won't drain after a long period of time or overnight. Next time you go for a midnight swim, keep yourself comfortably afloat with a pool noodle or noodlechair and watch the multi-colored lights and spouting water dance on your pool's surface.

      Whether you swim primarily during the day or prefer to spend less time in the water and more time entertaining beside the pool, a pool fountain will enhance whatever backyard experience you want to create. Secure a pool waterfall fountain to the side of your swimming pool for a beautiful arc of spraying water, or choose a floating fountain for a water show in motion. Fountains and other specialty pool accessories make for more fun in the sun.

      Liven up your swimming pool with a water feature that floats, spins, and sprays water and beams of color above and below the surface. Whether you want to be lulled into a deep relaxation with the sounds of trickling water or you plan to create a personal beach resort right in your backyard, Sears has a variety of pool fountains to add to your poolside entertainment.


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