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Climb in and out of the water with ease with pool ladders from Sears

Pools come in various shapes, sizes and depths, and unless you're a limber child who can hoist yourself over the edge of the pool and back out again, you'll want a quality pool ladder. If you're replacing a wobbly ladder or want to upgrade to full pool steps for easier access to the water, Sears has a variety of sturdy pool ladders and easy-step pool stairs.

If you want to enter your pool comfortably without much effort, look at pool ladders and stairs with extra-wide rungs for a more solid foundation. A pool ladder with deep treads makes it easy to climb up and down the steps. Many models have a non-skid texture on the surface of each step for added security when you're excitedly rushing in and out of your pool. If you ever plan on using your pool after dark or if you frequent midnight swims, install a pool light near your ladder to illuminate the steps as you enter.

As the owner of a swimming pool, pool safety should be your number one concern. Though playing around the ladder or steps is often a favorite congregating place for young kids, limbs can get tangled between the rungs and pose a safety concern. Many pool ladders now come with an anti-entrapment barrier that rests behind the steps to prevent kids from swimming between treads or behind the ladder. If you don't have a pool deck and your ladder or stairs straddle the pool, there are models that will slide up and lock to prevent unauthorized access to your pool when you aren't using it. Other ladders have roll-guard barrier technology, which acts as a shield and blocks the steps so that you can't climb the ladder at all once you're finished using your pool for the day.

When the weather starts to cool down and you're ready to close your pool until the following summer, you'll want a pool ladder or pool stairs that set up and break down easily. The process of pool winterization should definitely be considered when you're shopping around for new steps. Ladders and stairs need to be removed from the pool at the end of the season, so choose steps that can be lifted up with ease and stored in your shed or under an all-weather tarp during the winter.

Whether you're looking for a durable ladder with deep treads or you want to address safety concerns with steps that prevent entry to the water when you're not using your pool, there's a large assortment of ladders to choose from. Pool ladders make it easy to enter and exit your swimming pool, and Sears has above ground pool ladders and steps for pools of any size or depth.


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