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      Keep track of water temperature with a pool thermometer

      Everyone has different temperature preferences when it comes to comfortable swimming water. Pool thermometers make it easy to measure the warmth of the water so it's not just a pleasant or startling surprise when you enter the water. If you have a pool heater, thermometers help you conserve energy by letting you know when the heat needs to be adjusted or turned off completely.

      There are a few different types of pool thermometers. Floating thermometers rest on the water's surface and measure temperature toward the top of the water; this is convenient for a quick glance, but the temperature will typically be a few degrees off, since water becomes cooler with depth and water on the surface is quickly warmed by the sun. There are also pool thermometers that have a plastic scoop which fills up with water and causes the thermometer to sink to the bottom of the pool. Both thermometers are easy to use, with both digital and analogue options, and attach easily to your pool ladder or siding for easy reading. If you want to measure the difference between surface and submerged temperature, it's not a bad idea to use both types of thermometers.

      Attaching your floating thermometer to the siding or pool ladder is optional but highly recommended as it can float away and get sucked into your skimmer or pool filter if it isn't secured. Thermometers that sink to the bottom of the pool definitely need to be fastened down, unless you want to go diving for the thermometer just to check the water temperature. For the quickest reading, choose a digital thermometer. For a traditional and arguably more accurate reading, go with an analogue dial. Some floating thermometers have a top screen, so you can read the temperature easily by peering over the edge of the pool. Other thermometer dials rest underwater, so you need to slightly remove the thermometer from the water to check the temp.

      Pool thermometers can be a teaching opportunity for parents, too! Show your little ones how to read a thermometer and make it fun by choosing a pool thermometer with a plastic figurine on top like a goldfish or sea turtle. These thermometers look almost like plastic pool toys and make the menial activity of checking water temperature amusing for the whole family.

      Monitor the water temperature in your swimming pool with a pool thermometer. Ensure that your pool maintains a comfortable water temperature by checking the thermometer regularly. Whether you want an analogue or digital thermometer or one that rests above or below the surface, Sears has multiple options to choose from.


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