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      Shop specialty pool accessories for practical add-ons

      Once you get accustomed to your life as a pool owner, you'll probably notice that there are a few gadgets you wish you had to enhance comfort and make maintenance a bit easier. Between splashing around on rafts all day and jumping contests that require the kids to get in and out of the pool multiple times, there will be water, towels and pool toys everywhere.

      Splashing is super fun, but it can send mass amounts of water all over the place, making it all too easy to slip and fall on your ladder or pool deck. Be proactive when it comes to potentially hazardous areas by adding handrail grips to your pool ladder. Grips make it easy to get in and out of the water and reduce the liability risk from falling. Metal handrails can also get extremely hot roasting in the sun all day, and grips protect your hands from getting burnt when entering or exiting the water. Grips are soft, comfortable and easy to hold on to, and an essential and inexpensive addition.

      Depending on how often you use your pool and how many people you'll have swimming on a regular basis, you probably noticed you go through lots of towels. Not only will you be using and washing more towels than you can imagine, but they'll be draped over the backs of chairs, the sides of your deck, and even thrown carelessly on the floor. If your wet towels aren't hung up to dry, they'll get smelly, and you'll have to wash them more often between uses. Encourage swimmers to hang their beach towels on a poolside towel tree. This specialty pool accessory is portable and handy and will allow you to hang towels and bathing suits conveniently to dry.

      Getting your pool up and running is pretty simple, especially if you have professionals come out to set up the siding and liner. If you go with a swimming pool bundle, Sears will tack on a few extras like solar heating panels or a floating lounge chair. Still, there are tons of specialty pool accessories that you wouldn't necessarily think to look for with an initial purchase. After spending some time on your observation deck, assess your personal situation and choose specialty pool products that will offer practical solutions to common pool owner dilemmas.

      For all the specialty pool accessories you might need, shop Sears for a wide selection of products ranging from handrail grips to towel trees and poolside organizers.


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