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Whether you fearlessly jump in the water without testing it first, or you prefer to acclimate your body to cooler temps by inching your way down the pool ladder, owning a pool heater will completely transform your swimming experience. Without a solar platform, it takes a lot of sunlight to raise the temperature in a large pool. The only way to keep the water warm is to cover the surface every night with an insulating pool cover. With a heater from Sears, you can manipulate water temperature to feel exactly how you want it, allowing you to get more use out of your pool even during the off-season or at night when the air is chilly.

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Make swimming more comfortable with a pool heater from Sears

If you want to transform your backyard into the swimming hotspot of the neighborhood, consider investing in a pool heater. There's a big difference between water temperature that cools you down and water temperature that's too cold to enjoy. Regulate your pool's water temperature with a gas, electric or solar heater and spend more time in the water this summer.

If you're having a pool party and it's a cooler day with lots of cloud coverage, a gas heater will raise the water temperature faster than electric and solar heaters. Most gas pool heaters have an electric component as well; while they run on natural gas or propane, electric hookups make it so that gas is released and ignited at the turn of a dial. Use your pool thermometer to watch as the water temperature rises an average of two degrees per hour. Of course, gas and propane-fueled pool heaters can be pricey if you plan to run the heater often.

Electric pool heaters, better known as heat pumps, are another option if you're looking to regulate your pool's temperature. Electric heat pumps use electricity and outside air to keep water temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The pump and the filter work to generate heat from the inside of the machine before circulating the heated water back into the pool. In order for these heaters to work, the outside temperature must be at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which isn't a huge problem since most households only use their swimming pool during warm and mild seasons. A pool heater will extend your typical window for comfortable swimming, so you'll be able to splash around and play pool games early in the spring and well into the fall.

If you're looking for an eco-friendly way to heat your pool up without the price tag, consider installing a solar heating system. With a solar heater, solar collectors are set up in an open area in your yard or on top of your roof. Pool water is pumped through the solar panels where the sun's warmth heats the water before it is filtered back into the pool. Of course, you need to rely on lots of sunshine to heat your water using this method, and you'll have to winterize your pool earlier in the season when outside temperatures start to cool down.

When there's more sunbathing than splashing going on, it's typically because the water temperature in the pool is too cold; purple lips meet shivering bodies and before you know it, your pool clears out completely. Keep little swimmers in the water all summer long with a gas, electric or solar heater from Sears.


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