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      Add to your summertime fun with pool toys and inflatables

      Hours spent by the pool are never wasted, but it's a lot more fun when you have a selection of pool toys and inflatables to pick through. It's easy to spend time emptying your mind and floating blissfully on the water, but time is better spent when you let your imagination run wild. Let your pool be the place where X marks the spot and kids dive to collect gold coins and precious gemstones, or facilitate a friendly game of aqua golf.

      While your kids are busy splashing around and diving for sinking water creatures and hidden treasure, keep watch from the water on a sling chair lounger. You can referee endless games of monkey in the middle while sitting comfortably upright in the pool. These loungers also come with cup holders so you can sip a chilled beverage without even needing to leave the water. There are many styles when it comes to inflatable pool floats. Circular tubes do a great job at keeping you afloat while still allowing most of your body to be immersed in the water; inflatable tubes can also double as rings, so children posing as dolphins can jump through the center hole while a pretend trainer holds the tube upright. Other loungers inflate completely and even come with a pillow so you can float on the water without getting fully drenched and focus on soaking up the sun instead.

      If your kids love pool toys that require a lot of underwater swimming and diving, avoid itchy eyes by encouraging little swimmers to wear the proper swimming gear. Goggles allow kids to spend more time underwater without the painful aftermath. Switch things up a bit and make deep sea diving in the pool seem realistic by strapping on a pair of fins. Fins are not only a fun accessory, but they also promote proper body technique, which is helpful when kids are first learning how to swim.

      If you want to participate in water games that require underwater viewing, but you'd prefer not to dive to the floor of the pool, you can use a snorkel to skim the surface. Keep your head fully immersed with a great view of what's under the water without needing to hold your breath. If you're treading water on the surface of your pool while other swimmers dive for pool toys, hold on to an inflatable raft, so you don't get too fatigued.

      Encourage a healthy imagination with pool toys and inflatables that'll keep kids busy from playing ship captain on an inflatable tugboat or diving for buried treasure. Sears has toys and inflatables appropriate for swimmers of all ages.


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