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      This summer, unwind in your backyard swimming pool with your favorite shades, an ice-cold beverage and a good book. Whether you're trying to get some color and plan to lay out in increments, or you want to float and meditate under the blazing sun for hours on end, a quality pool float from Sears will provide both comfort and quiet. Grab an inflatable raft that'll keep your entire body out of the water, or choose a lightweight foam float to be semi-immersed in the water as you drift from one end of the pool to the other. Slip on your most fashionable bathing suit and kick off the summer season with some poolside rest and relaxation.

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      Float into summertime serenity on a pool raft from Sears

      Floating on your back is an impressive trick but, unless you're a skilled swimmer, it's not easy to do for long periods of time. If you're planning to soak up the sun and want to relax without doing much work, use a pool float to lift and glide your body across the water's surface. From rafts that keep you elevated above the water to chairs that allow you to sit upright, you can choose from a multitude of pool floats in various shapes and sizes.

      Rafts that double as a floating chair are unbelievably practical. These pool floats allow you to be immersed up to your chest in the water, but they conveniently hold your body weight so that you don't have to kick your legs and paddle your arms to stay afloat. You'll still feel fully relaxed, but sitting upright gives you greater stability so you can multitask in the water. If you're feeling ambitious, grab your pool skimmer and float around on your chair while scooping up rogue bugs and fallen leaves on the pool's surface.

      If you want to treat yourself to a lazy day on the water, choose a lounger that fully reclines, so you swim and snooze at the same time. Kick back, lay down and zone out on a pool float with an inflatable pillow and arm rests. If the water's chilly and you want to float around without actually getting wet, an inflatable raft will hold you above the water. You can always paddle your way underneath your pool fountain for a quick mist. If the sun's beating down on you and you want to be partially immersed in the water, so it cools you off as you float, a mesh lounger is better. These rafts have a ventilated bottom to keep you cool in the water, but come with an inflatable ring around the edges to keep you from sinking completely.

      Most loungers are designed for single use, but there are some pool floats that are wider to accommodate more people. Grab your favorite pool accessories, sit side by side with your best friend or spouse and soak up the sun while swapping stories. Kids also love these larger islands because they can be used as home base for water tag and other fun pool games.

      Whether you want to float on top of the water without getting soaked or you prefer to have most of your body in the water to keep cool and refreshed, Sears carries a variety of pool floats to satisfy whatever relaxation you're hoping to achieve. Grab a raft and bask under the sun on an inflatable raft or floating chair.


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