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      Toy laptops help kids learn while having fun

      Kids see adults tapping away on laptop keyboards and probably want a portable computer of their own. You do not necessarily want to give a child an expensive gadget like that, which is why toy laptops are a great solution. Now your child can "work" alongside you on a kid-friendly computer meant for little hands. Many of these toys are educational, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your child is learning while playing.

      It is no surprise for parents when kids want to do the same thing that they are doing. While older kids can be trusted with laptops just like yours, little ones should have items more suitable for their ages and skill levels. Sears carries toy laptops and tablets. V-Tech is a trusted name in electronic toys of all kinds; now they make laptops just for kids. Other mini computers feature favorite girls' characters like Barbie. Not only will your kids have fun pretending to be all grown up; they can also sing along with the games these toy computers play. They will also have a great time learning the alphabet or their numbers as they tap away on colorful keys designed for small fingers.

      The right software opens even more imaginative fun for kids. To complement our toy laptops are software options featuring Shrek, Scooby Doo and many other childhood favorites. Laptop card sets and starter packs include educational learning toys that teach kids geography and math skills. From toy computers that open and close like real laptops to handheld devices that mimic Dad's tablet, there are many entertaining and educational toys that are more than just fun. While you are here shopping for ways to increase your kids' knowledge, do not forget other electronic goodies like robot toys and pets.

      V-Tech is a leader in the educational toy market. The company's high-tech offerings include a Learning App Tablet and cartridges that feature numerous activities. LeapFrog is another popular name in the toy gadget world. Along with recognizing different Disney and Nickelodeon characters, your child will enjoy learning from various e-books and cartridges designed to get little ones ready for school or supplement classroom activities. Sears is your one-stop resource for everything from educational toys to toy spy gadgets that fill a child's life with imagination and innovation.

      Whether you want to keep the focus on learning or whether your child simply wants another plaything, Sears makes it easy to find electronics. There are many laptops, tablets and accessories to make education a fun part of growing up. Let Sears give your child a head start with technology. Our variety and affordability make electronics within reach for the entire family.


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