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      Shift into gear with remote control toys

      Remote control toys satisfy the kid in all of us. They deliver everything one looks for in a toy or hobby, from hot performance to cool design. Sears has so many types of remote control toys, narrowing down one's choices is no easy task. We carry everything from remote control cars, a perennial favorite, to RC boats, trucks, airplanes, military vehicles, motorcycles and construction vehicles. You can go off road with a mongoose, or aim for the stratosphere with remote controlled rockets. While some models may be most suited to a particular age group, there is plenty of room for stepping up as you develop new abilities and interests.

      The most serious competitors often show up to a remote control car and truck meet wearing racing suits. Nothing could tip off intent to win better than professional gear. Most remote control toy meets, however, are much less formal. More often than not, kids play with remote control toys at home, in the schoolyard or at the park. Sometimes they will swap the transmitters, so that everybody gets a turn to operate the police car, racing car, bulldozer or tank on land; the speedboat or police cruiser on the pond; or the helicopter and remote control plane in the air.

      Sears has something that will appeal to everyone's interest in remote control cars. If you are only looking for a cool new racing car in your young child's favorite red or blue, you can find it at Sears. However, if what you really want is a scale model hobby-grade remote control car that has dozens of upgrade part kits to boost your vehicle's performance and ramp up its appearance, Sears has that, too. As kids grow up, they start to check out our collectible cars items, and develop an interest in building highly detailed model ships, space vehicles and classic automobiles from all over the world.

      We think it's only fair to warn you that remote control toys can become a lifelong obsession. Face it: Toys aren't just for kids, not with the selection at Sears. Pack your remote control gear along with your tailgating gear, because everyone can have a blast racing RC cars and trucks before the game begins and the parking lot gets too full. Remote control toys combine some great things in life. They are part electronic gadget, part sports and part outdoor fun you can enjoy with family and friends. Be sure to make your racecourse challenging; set up obstacles, bridges and tunnels. Don't forget to bring along at least one vehicle that pops crowd-pleasing wheelies.

      Whether you like remote control toys that fly, race around the pavement or cruise by a goose or two at the pond, Sears has all the gear you need to give the kids some great times and adults an entertaining challenge. Remote control toys mesh perfectly with many other pastimes and interests. With so much to choose from here at Sears, it's quick and simple to grow your remote control collections and express yourself through games and hobbies.



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