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      Are you ready to take your love of the airplane to the next level? While your die cast aircraft collection is a wonderful testimony to your passion, a remote control aircraft from Sears is a toy that promises you hours of enjoyment. Better still, these types of model airplanes also open the door to participation in hobbyist events where you compete against other aficionados and show off your skills with the battery-powered aircraft. Meet new people, perfect your hand-eye coordination and learn new facts about your favorite hobby with the help of remote-controlled planes. Who knew that they could be so much fun?

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      Pilot remote control aircraft to new worlds

      People have long been fascinated with the concept of flight. Airplanes, space shuttles and other vehicles that lift off from the familiar surface of the Earth captivate both children and adults. Remote control aircraft toys put you in the pilot seat by giving you total control over whichever vehicle you choose. Sears stocks many of these whimsical toys to delight flight enthusiasts of all ages.

      Whether you or your child is the aircraft lover in the family, you can't go wrong with World Tech Toys' collection of remote control aircraft. From elite choppers to remote control boats, Sears has the remote control action you're looking for. Bright colors make flying your favorite vehicles around the backyard that much more fun. Plus, the easier your toys are to see, the easier they are to find if you have any mishaps. For those who prefer to sit and build something rather than run around with a control, Revell produces a wide selection of authentic aircraft models. Built to scale and packed with realistic details, these models make the perfect activity for rainy days or whenever you and your kids need a break from active play.

      When your kids are ready to get back in action, they will benefit from learning to maneuver their own remote control vehicles. While cars, trucks and ATVs toys are a lot of fun, there's something special about watching a toy aircraft zoom through the sky. Give your kids the sensation of flight with a Worx Toys helicopter that they can play with any time. Helicopter toys are lightweight and well balanced, which makes them easy for kids to learn to steer. This improves hand-eye coordination and teaches the correlation between the control and the movement of the vehicle. With well-crafted toys from Air Earl, your kids can spend a few hours or a whole afternoon pretending to be a pilot, exercising their creativity as they fly through imaginary worlds.

      Playing with remote control toys puts the power and potential of a miniature vehicle in your hands. Controls are usually simple, featuring small joysticks or switches that you move back and forth to direct the path of your chosen aircraft. However, unlike "kid powered" toys that move by pushing or pulling, you'll need toy batteries to keep your remote control vehicles running. Without a fully charged battery, your aircraft won't get very far. When it comes time to replace the original battery in your or your child's toys, you can rely on Sears to have what you need in stock.

      Both kids and adults will have hours of fun from remote control aircraft. From airplanes to helicopters, remote control toys take you to new heights every time you play. Check out the models that Sears has to offer, and you'll be airborne in no time.


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