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      Bring everyone together by racing remote control boats

      Shifting a kid's attention from video games to remote control boats is easy. Remote control transmitters are very similar to the joysticks and the other wireless game controllers with which kids are already familiar. Teaching children to operate remote control transmitters is simple; kids develop racing skills very quickly. As much fun as it is to race virtual cars in video games, kids get a real kick from racing remote control boats around a duck pond or lake. However, when crowds gather to watch remote control boat races, you'll find that it's not only kids, but adults who'll root for their favorite racers, too. Plenty of adults collect remote control speedboats, sailboats and warships.

      The speed the latest remote-controlled racing boats can reach is nearly astounding. Many models cruise at 25 to 35 miles per hour on calm water. Hobby-grade models can reach even higher speeds. To maintain that pace, the boat has to be equipped with toy batteries specially developed to deliver not only the high levels of power required by acceleration, but also store enough energy to keep the motor running. To keep your boats running their best, consider a battery charger to keep your lithium polymer or nickel-cadmium batteries at peak power. We carry all of the essential accessories for your boats.

      Modern remote control boats are not only powerful, but also sleek, brightly colored and easy to steer, especially the models equipped with twin engines and dual propellers. Remote control boats may be toys, but they handle with more precision than real watercraft. They can maneuver in forward and reverse through tight spaces, much like remote control cars. Their stability, variable speed and ease of operation make them appropriate toys for even relatively young children.

      Radio-controlled toys just seem to appeal to our sense of wonder and adventure, as do toy space vehicles, including model rockets, space shuttles and remote control helicopters. Often, what begins as simple play with a childhood toy evolves to become a rewarding lifelong hobby. Some teenagers and adults take remote control boats, airplanes and toy fantasy vehicles very seriously. Remote control hobbyists create meticulously scale-modeled replicas of famous machines from history or their favorite movies.

      Remote control boats offer benefits other toys lack. They make kids eager to leave the house, and head for the park to play. However, the whole family can get in on the action and have a great time playing together. Whether you are looking for a special toy or to start a new hobby, Sears has a great selection of remote control boats and accessories.


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