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      The fall season brings yards full of leaves for you to clean up. Quickly clean up your yard with lawn sweeper attachments for your lawn tractors. Sears' selection of leaf sweepers includes a variety of options like tow behind leaf vacuums and rake attachments to help consolidate brush into piles for easy cleanup. Make the most of your lawn tractor this fall with a leaf sweeper attachment that helps keep your freshly trimmed lawn clear of brush. With these tools, you'll always have the best-kept yard on the block.

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      Debris removal is a breeze with high quality lawn sweeper attachments

      For large yards, the fastest way to rake up leaves is with lawn sweeper attachments for your tractor. Sears' selection of lawn vacs comes in a variety of styles to suit your lawn and garden needs. Classic rake attachments allow you to easily create piles of leaves for quick bagging while tow behind leaf vacuums sweep the waste straight into a hopper bag. Put hand gardening tools aside and pick up a new leaf sweeper attachment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

      Keep a well-manicured lawn with lawn sweeper tractor attachments. Raking and then bagging all of your leaves by hand is tedious and tiring, but with your lawn tractor you can speed up the process. Just use the pin to attach the leaf sweeper to the hitch and drag it along your yard for a speedy clean up. Find seasonal must-haves for your yard like lawn sweepers and snow removal equipment from Sears.

      Get the most out of your lawn tractor with attachments that make yard work more efficient. Sears' selection of lawn vacs cuts down on the amount of time you spend on your outdoor chores. Give your yard a quick sweep, then kick back, relax and enjoy the beauty of the season.


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