Toiletry Bags

When you hit the road on long or short trips, having the right storage solutions ensures your safety along with keeping items well-organized. Sears has a variety of travel storage options for your car, truck, van or SUV, including interior and exterior solutions. Truck bed storage prevents dangerous spills while seat organizers and toiletry bags keep the inside of your vehicle neat and tidy while you travel. Instead of throwing everything haphazardly into the back of your trunk, use our useful organizers and keep everything easy to stash and find. Let us help with all your storage needs.

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Toiletry bags make traveling convenient

You have a smart set of luggage and matching tags. Why not complete your travel ensemble in a stylish way with toiletry bags that are as useful as they are attractive? Instead of an old bag that's seen better days, treat yourself to one from Sears' selection. Your trip will be much more enjoyable with a toiletry bag that reflects your unique style.

Business types may not want a lot of fuss in their bags, so we carry a variety of basic toiletry bags that do the job without being flashy. Brands like Royce and Swiss Gear offer sleek bags in solid colors like black or brown. They're sophisticated and classic, perfect for the man or woman who prefers quiet elegance in their accessories. These timeless bags hold all the travel toiletries you need neatly and conveniently. Whether you love a leather exterior in a small bag or you prefer a hanging one that stores in a closet or on the back of a door, we have just the bag you want.

Maybe your personal style is more dramatic. Luckily, we have toiletry bags with plenty of flair. Shop for a zebra print cosmetic set featuring bright lime green trim, or a pretty giraffe print set with hot pink trim. Women who love eye-catching bags are sure to get a kick out of a Rockland Fox set featuring bold black and pink polka dots. They're not only functional, these bags are incredibly fashionable as well, so if being on top of trends defines you, these toiletry bags are right up your alley. While packing everything from hair dryers to makeup, don't forget a travel sized first aid kit, too. Just in case you suffer minor mishaps while away from home, we offer bandages, wipes and much more in our fully-stocked kits.

Manicure sets contain everything you need in a handy case to take care of annoying hangnails or simply to trim fingernails for a finished appearance. You can easily stash a set into our toiletry bags, making it convenient to have your own travel size medicine cabinet on your trip. With bags in many different colors and styles, Sears makes it easy for travelers of all types to carry their toiletries, whether you pack lightly or you're taking along everything but the kitchen sink. You need a bag whether you take a day trip, week-long vacation or last-minute getaway, and we're here to help you get the right bag in the perfect size.

Business types, fashion mavens or large families will all find the right toiletry bags for them with our varied selection. Sears carries solid and colorful bags to suit all different styles. You don't have to be especially organized to appreciate these bags; let them do the work for you by neatly storing all of your necessities, from shampoo to soap to nail care.



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